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Delaware Grass Cutting Service

Delaware Grass Cutting | Lawn Mowing Service

What We Do

We are a Delaware grass cutting & lawn mowing service. We service both residential and commercial lawn care customers. Our aim is to provide quality workmanship at reasonable pricing, while maintaining a consistent, on time schedule. We use high quality, well maintained mowing equipment which helps us give the best grass cuts possible. We provide lawn mowing, dog waste removal, yard cleanups, mulch and bush trimmings. A quality job at a reasonable price.

Why We’re Different

Number one, we strive to always respond to your requests in a timely manner. We will always get back to you as soon as we can. Our goal is to be as responsive as possible. Number two, we try to be as easy to work with as we know how. That means being both professional and pleasant whether on the phone, in email or in person. We’re just regular working guys like you and we know how frustrating bad service and seldom returned phone calls or emails can be. We are always a phone call, text or email away. We admit, we are not always able to answer the phone when it rings, but if you leave a message, we’ll always respond to you as quickly as we can concerning your yard care needs. Also, feel free to shoot us a text any time.

Where We Service

We service New Castle County Delaware properties. Our service area’s include: Newark, DE, Pike Creek, DE, Hockessin, DE, Wilmington, DE and Brandywine, DE.

  • No Contracts
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Family Run Business
  • Local Owner / Operators
  • Residential
  • Commercial

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Grass Cutting Schedule

Grass Cutting Schedule
annual Delaware schedule
MarchSpring Cleanups (optional)
AprilWeekly Mowing Begins
May thru OctoberWeekly Mowing
November2 Mowings (Mid and End)
Leaf Removal (optional) Begins
DecemberLeaf Removal (optional) Ends

For more information about how our yard cutting service works, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or check our team page.

Delaware Lawn Mowing Service
Delaware Lawn Mowing Service

Lawn Cutting Service Since 2011

A friendly and reliable lawn mowing service. Based in Wilmington Delaware, we have been a lawn cutting provider since 2011. Licensed and fully insured. No contracts required. You may cancel or suspend your service at any time. We are a small family owned and operated business. As a Delaware LLC,  we operate a small but professional lawn cutting service.

Residential Lawn Mowing Service

We take our commission seriously, always taking pride in a lawn cutting job well done. We view your lawn like a friend  that we visit every week. Therefore, your lawn’s long term  health and vitality are important to us. When your lawn looks bad, we see that as a bad reflection on our work. Understanding the growing habits of Delaware grasses are such an important part of what we do. We understand why the grass should not be cut too short or why keeping sharp blades on the mowers is necessary for the health of your lawn.

When it comes to residential yard cutting, affordability and quality are the two most important factors for most people. That’s why our motto has always been “a quality job at a reasonable price”.

Commercial Lawn Mowing Service

When it comes to commercial grounds maintenance; consistency, dependability and quality are key. Inadequately  kept and maintained properties reflect poorly on the businesses and organizations occupying the space. This can result in lost revenues and bad impressions. We are well aware of these facts. That’s why we take every measure to ensure consistency in service and continuity in routine. We do our best to perform our work at a high quality  standard while keeping your grounds mowing service schedule as consistent as possible.

Delaware Grass Cutting Service Area

Wilmington | Pike Creek | Brandywine | Newark | Hockessin | New Castle County | Delaware

Grass Cutting | Lawn Mowing | Wilmington | Brandywine | Pike Creek | Newark | Delaware