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Lawn Bare Spots: A simple guide to repair

Repair Lawn Bare Spots
Repair Lawn Bare Spots

Lawn bare spots in your yard can be annoying and unsightly, they also can be pesky and stubborn to fix.

Here are some simple steps that will work every time.

1. Loosen the soil with a garden weasel or rock rake.
2. Use sun or shade friendly grass seed depending on conditions.
3. Put a little planting soil or top soil on top.
4. Lightly water the spot once a day just to keep the area damp.
5. For an added bonus, put a little fertilizer down in the repaired spots as well. Use what’s called a “starter” fertilizer. This fertilizer will contain more potassium which is important for sprouting grass.

Grass loves lose, damp soil. As long as you apply the seed to those areas, you’ll have a fuller looking lawn. Just remember to keep the soil moist until the grass has really taken hold and is starting to grow. Don’t let your lawn’s bare spots dry out on hot days.

We recommended Alexander’s Lawn and Garden in Newark, DE for picking up you grass seeds, fertilizer, and other lawn care propducts. The staff really knows their stuff and the prices are much better than the big box home stores.

If you’re not the do-it-yourself type, give us a call and we’d be happy to help with your yard cutting service needs.

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