Fall Service Schedule

Delaware fall cleanup

We’ll cut the lawn following your normal routine service schedule, then for November/December we offer two options:

Regular service:

The schedule is to cut 2 times in November, approximately the week of the 7th and 21st. Cutting grass and mulching up leaves in the process.

Add leaf cleanup for an additional charge:

We also offer total leaf removal (includes blowing out beds and around property). The usual plan is to perform two rounds of leaf removal. One visit around the middle of November and the final cleanup when the leaves are done falling, usually early to mid-December. Grass cutting and leaf removal services will be performed on different days (different equipment required). Please let us know if you’re interested in signing up for leaf removal or other fall yard work such as bush trimming.

Typical leaf removal costs fall in the $325 to $375 range for the average property and heavier treed properties usually in the $400 to $475 range.

Thank you,

Craig Stewart

Stewart Bros. Turf

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