Lawn Cutting Height: What’s best for a healthy lawn?

Best Lawn Cutting Height
Best Lawn Cutting Height

Everybody wants a weed free, dark green and lush lawn. Did you know that a simple thing like choosing the correct lawn cutting height for your grass type can go a long way to contributing to that goal.

Delaware is largely made up of what are called cool season grasses. Species include tall fescues, fine fescues, ryes and kentucky blue grass. The one warm season grass that can be found is zoysia grass. More about grass types.

Cool season grasses grow up whereas warm season grasses grow out. In other words, cool season grasses spend their energy growing as tall as they can while warm season grasses stay relatively short but grow out as wide as they can, aggressively spreading throughout a yard. Case in point, if your next door neighbor has zoysia grass and you do nothing. Eventually your lawn could be mostly zoysia grass as well.

The best lawn cutting height for cool season grasses is as high as you can tolerate. 3.5″ is a good height. If you don’t mind higher grass, 4″ to 4.5″ is even better (most people find a property cutting of 4″ and above too high for their preferences). Cutting the grass higher has several benefits that contribute to a healthy lawn.

Benefits of higher yard cuttings:
1. Taller grass will choke out lower growing weeds.
2. With more leaf tissue, grass can produce and store more food.
3. The soil will be better shaded and kept cooler, keeping in more moisture and helping the lawn to be better drought resistant.
4. Taller grass is healthier, promotes good root growth, and more insect and fungus resistant.

We find that 3.5″ provides the best combination of being high enough for a healthy lawn while being short enough to look clean and sharp after a mowing. Although we are always happy to mow at a higher height upon request.

Keep in mind that it is best not to cut more than 1/3 of the blades at one cutting. More than 1/3 is traumatic for the grass plants.

If you’re not the do-it-yourself type, give us a call and we’d be happy to help with your lawn cutting service needs.

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